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Expo Education Sessions – Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Midwest Foodservice Expo’s line-up of educational programs. Anyone interested in speaking must complete an application (scroll down page).


  • The Expo typically does not feature the same presenters two consecutive years in a row.
  • If a session is accepted, the Expo will work with the presenter to assign their time slot, a/v needs and other details.
  • All applications must be completed online before they will be accepted for review to ensure all information is available for the Expo to make a fully informed decision.
  • If your topic meets the needs of the 2019 Expo, you will be contacted by a staff member. Otherwise, your information will be kept on file for one year and will be reconsidered for the following year's Expo.
  • Candidates are generally selected in the fall, although speaker submissions are accepted year-round.

What We’re Seeking
The Expo is seeking talented speakers who are objective, dynamic and have enthusiasm for sharing their expertise and knowledge. Sessions are generally 50 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A; other options may be considered. Both solo speakers and panels welcome. Educational programs will be designed around the following topics, appealing to the foodservice and hospitality industry:

  • Restaurant Marketing Symposium
  • Workforce Solutions & Engagement
  • Uncovering Hot New Industry Trends
  • Increasing Revenue and Customer Loyalty
  • Social Media
  • Technology Solutions
  • Building Winning Teams
  • Operations, Economics and Business-Building Skills
  • Leadership and Communication Skills

Evaluation Criteria
Submissions are subject to the following review:

  • Originality; Topics should provide unique perspective, viewpoint or way of doing something.

  • Timeliness and Relevance; topics should contain new material and be relevant to the needs of the foodservice industry right now.

  • Educational Value; An objective presentation that meets the educational needs of the audience is optimal to enhancing the credibility of the speaker.

  • Your description of the subject matters; The ability of your description to clearly explain what the attendees will learn from you is key to having your submission make it through the various rounds of evaluation. We typically choose only those sessions that lineup with our pre-decided topics of interest.

Use of Education Stage
The Expo strives to maintain the highest level of credible educational programs.

  • Product pitches are not education and attendees do not like being sold on a specific company when they have invested their valuable time in attending an "educational session." NO SELLING of any kind may occur including the speaker's company, products or services. However, speakers may offer business cards to interested parties and contact them at a later date.

  • Sponsored sessions, however are provided with a different set of rules outlining in which way their company may be promoted in conjunction with their sponsored session. Contact Dawn Faris at 608.216.2834 or dfaris@wirestaurant.org for further details.

Speaker Compensation
The Expo does not typically pay speakers or reimburse for travel expenses. A complimentary registration badge is provided to the speaker allowing them access to the Expo's trade show and other educational sessions. You will be alerted if your badge registration is not completed before the event.

Collection of Speaker Information and Presentation Policies

Upon selection, speakers MUST contain the following:

  • Names of all expected speaker(s)
  • Career biographies for all expected speaker(s)
  • Contact information (including email addresses) for all expected speaker(s)
  • Summary description, session title and 3-4 takeaway points of the educational program
  • Headshot image of all speakers sent to Amy Nitschke at anitschke@wirestaurant.org. Please use speaker's name in subject line.
  • Anytime our speakers have handouts or a PowerPoint to share before the Expo, we are happy to print off copies for our attendees ahead of time.

Please be advised of the following:

  • Speakers are expected to handle and pay for hotel room & travel arrangements on their own unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing.
  • Speakers are encouraged to provide their own laptop or MFE can provide one.
  • Standard A/V set is provided. This includes LCD projector with screen, 1 wireless lavaliere microphone and podium w/ mic.
  • Selected speakers will be contacted for following:
    • If bringing own laptop (make/model) or if would like one provided
    • Whether or not a video will be part of presentation
    • If Internet and/or any special connection cables are needed
    • Presentation provided particularly if would like handouts provided during session
  • Some presentations will be posted online following the Expo.

All items labeled with an "*" asterisk are required.

* Name of Speaker:
* Title:
Name of person to follow up with:
* Company Name:
* Address:
* City:
* State: * Zip:
* Phone: (Enter as 123-456-7890)
* Email Address:
Web Address (if applicable):

PLEASE NOTE: We may need to slightly edit or modify the information provided for use in various materials used to promote the educational programs at the Midwest Foodservice Expo.

* Seminar name:

* Basic description of seminar topic (100 words or less)
Include practical information and bullet points of key objectives and/or tools participants will walk away with.

Anticipated length of session:

* Speaker biography:
Provide a description of relevant background and experience (please highlight experience relevant to foodservice industry, as well as notable awards and achievements).


How many speakers for this session?

Name and businesses of any additional speakers:

• Where have you presented before? Please include names with contact info if you have it.
• Name any articles or websites in which you have been featured—direct links are appreciated.

I understand that the Expo typically does not pay for speakers. However, I believe my program will blow your audience away and I am requesting a minimum speaker's fee of:

Other information you'd like to share with us?

Thank you for your submission!

Not able to submit online?
Feel free to print out this form and send via mail or email to anitschke@wirestaurant.org.
Wisconsin Restaurant Association
2801 Fish Hatchery Rd
Madison, WI 53713

Questions? Contact Amy Nitschke at 608.216.2809


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